Corporate F.A.C.T.S. specializes in non-profit accounting allowing our clients to focus on their mission.  We understand the unique challenges facing non-profits from restricted funding sources that require accurate alignment of funding sources and program expense to planning for inconsistent cash flow from grants and donations. We can help your organization with the amount of support that you need and that your budget will allow.  We can be your partner to help keep you compliant within the changing Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures.  


CFO and Accounting Services

The services we provide as an outsourced CFO are unique from the basic accounting services provided by our competitors. Our consultants not only provide the timely accounting support needed to maintain accurate accounting records, but also provide accounting advice to assist in financial decision making, help plan for future initiatives, and prepare cash flow forecasts to ensure working capital needs are met to continue operations with minimal financial stress.


"Corporate F.A.C.T.S. has been an integral part of our growth and financial sustainability strategy for the Michigan Women's Foundation. They serve as much more than accountants and financial analysts. They have been an essential component of our over 300% growth in both revenue and profitability over these last six years. We couldn't have accomplished our goals without them!"
— Carolyn Cassin President and CEO at Michigan Women's Foundation



C-FACTS is comprised of highly qualified consultants that serve the non-profit industry throughout the country. We currently provide on-going outsourced Chief Financial Officer Services to several non-profits including the Michigan Women’s Foundation, Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation, Detroit Land Bank Authority and Urban Neighborhood Initiatives.

Systems Management

We offer services in all aspects of accounting, from day-to-day activities, monthly financial statements, and yearly audit preparation and coordination.  Many clients have utilized our services to further their organization, help them through financial struggles, or organize their accounting systems to start their organization off on the right course.

Financial Management and Advisory Counseling Services

We assess financial conditions and the performance of an organization.