Corporate F.A.C.T.S. training services can add value to your learning initiatives by supplying subject matter expertise and state-of-the-art instructional design. Our training consultants create impactful learning experiences through a variety of learning modalities including:

·         Print

·         Online Classrooms (WBT)

·         Classroom-Based Training (ILT)

·         Virtual Training (vILT)



Our training team will work with your organization to develop content and validate it with your key stakeholders to come up with learning objectives that match your unique training needs. We will then utilize effective components of the ADDIE model and other ISD (Instructional Systems Design) models to develop a custom solution. Our partnership with our clients promotes an interactive process that will improve design and development efficiency, but most importantly – the outcome.


Online Classrooms

Our expertise in adult learning across a broad spectrum of industries gives us the capability to develop custom eLearning solutions that speak to your needs. Our eLearning development process also minimizes client involvement which enables you to stay focused on core business activities.


Leadership Development

We develop and deliver customized and role specific management training solutions that enable your organization to achieve its unique business objectives. Unlock the potential to develop a tailored solution for your management training and leadership development needs.


Instructor-led Training and Group Training

We provide live instruction from our experienced instructors. Sessions focus on providing learners with hands-on experience that allows students to apply newly-acquired knowledge and skills as soon as they return to the job.



C-FACTS Online Classrooms

C-FACTS Online Classrooms enhance learning experiences.