C-FACTS Online Classrooms

C-FACTS Online Classroom provides synchronous distance education with technologies, such as web conferencing, video conferencing, livestreaming, and web-based VoIP to offer learners the ability to collaborate in real time.

To enhance the educational process, we also provide learners with asynchronous communication tools, such as message boards, chat capabilities and break out rooms. Our curriculum designers work with clients to structure interactive training sessions. C-FACTS Online Classroom Designs Include:

  • Well thought out High Level Design Documents
  • Storyboards and Training Guides
  • Interactive Practice Scenarios and Best Practice Sharing featured in our state-of-the art breakout rooms.
  • C-FACTS Instructor Led Training or Hosting Options
  • Assessments and Participant Engagement Analysis
  • Job Aids and Print and Reads
How It Works
Learn more about how our Online Classrooms operate.
Breakout Rooms
Learn about group collaboration and online learning activities to engage your learners.