HBCU Partnership

C-FACTS & HBCUs' Diverse Internship Program

Background: C-FACTS has recognized the value of diversity in community development, and as such, has taken a step forward by collaborating with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to establish a unique internship program.

Key Objectives:

  1. Diverse Talent Cultivation:

    • This partnership aims to nurture a pool of qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.
    • By integrating on-the-job training as part of their undergraduate journey, HBCU students get firsthand experience in the community development sector.
  2. Enhanced Employment Opportunities:

    • One of the main goals is to pave the way for these students to secure long-term positions in the community development domain.
    • By doing so, it’s hoped that the field will gradually reflect more of the nation's diverse demographic, leading to more inclusive community development.
  3. Reducing Inequities:

    • Through this initiative, C-FACTS and HBCUs aim to make strides in diminishing the existing racial and social disparities by providing equal opportunities for everyone.
  4. Utilizing Handshake:

    • To ensure that the program gets the right candidates, Handshake – a platform connecting students with potential employers – is used.
    • This platform aids in pinpointing students who have a keen interest in building a career in community development.

Potential Impact: This collaboration is not just a step towards promoting diversity in the workplace. It is also an opportunity to provide talented students of color with a platform to launch their careers. By bridging the gap between education and practical experience, the initiative ensures that the future of community development is not just inclusive, but also well-equipped with trained professionals dedicated to making a positive difference.

Conclusion: The C-FACTS and HBCUs partnership signifies more than just an internship program. It is a beacon of hope for many students of color, ensuring that they get the right opportunities to shine. Moreover, it serves as an example for other sectors to adopt similar strategies to promote diversity and equality.