Finance and Accounting

Providing Exceptional Financial Management and Accounting Services

At C-FACTS, we take pride in offering top-tier financial management and accounting services that are not only exceptional but also cost-effective. Our clientele spans a diverse spectrum, ranging from privately held small and middle-market companies to state and local governments and non-profit organizations. What sets us apart is our team of seasoned consultants who are dedicated to providing your organization with the vital support it needs, all while respecting your budget constraints. With decades of specialized industry experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we stand out as your trusted partner in financial success.

Our Expertise:

Our Finance and Accounting Advisors are industry experts with a wealth of experience in financial due diligence. We approach each client and engagement with a unique perspective, taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific challenges you face. Our goal is not just to react to problems but to proactively anticipate and resolve operational and financial issues before they escalate. We believe in proposing innovative strategies and actions that enable you to seize opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Services:

  1. Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services: Access the expertise of a seasoned CFO without the expense of a full-time hire. Our CFO services can help you steer your organization toward financial success.

  2. Financial Assessments, Strategies, Plans, and Budgets: We provide comprehensive financial assessments and help you develop strategic plans and budgets that align with your goals.

  3. Investment and Real Estate Assessments: Make informed investment decisions with our in-depth assessments and analysis of potential opportunities in real estate and investments.

  4. Design and Implementation of Accounting Systems: Streamline your financial processes with customized accounting systems that improve efficiency and accuracy.

  5. Management Dashboards and Reporting: Gain insights into your organization's performance with customized management dashboards and reporting solutions.

  6. Turn-Around Solutions for Distressed Organizations: If your organization is facing financial challenges, our experts can help develop and implement turn-around strategies.

  7. Accounting Systems and QuickBooks Start-Up: We assist with setting up accounting systems and provide support for QuickBooks implementation and management.

  8. Budgeting and Forecasting: Plan for the future with confidence by leveraging our expertise in budgeting and forecasting.

  9. Accounts Receivable/Payable Services: Optimize your cash flow and financial operations with our accounts receivable and payable services.

At C-FACTS, we don't just manage day-to-day transactions; we provide the insights and guidance necessary to make informed business decisions. Our consultants analyze financial data, offer strategies for improving profitability, predict future financial trends, and ensure compliance with financial regulations. We collaborate closely with business leaders to prepare and file financial reports and enhance financial reporting processes.

Partner with C-FACTS, and let us help you navigate the complex world of finance and accounting, enabling your organization to thrive and succeed.


"Corporate F.A.C.T.S. has been an integral part of our growth and financial sustainability strategy for the Michigan Women's Foundation. They serve as much more than accountants and financial analysts. They have been an essential component of our over 300% growth in both revenue and profitability over these last six years. We couldn't have accomplished our goals without them!"
— Carolyn Cassin President and CEO at Michigan Women's Foundation