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C-FACTS Training Solutions: Strengthening Communities and Organizations

At C-FACTS, we believe that knowledge is a powerful catalyst for positive change. Our team of expert consultants, who are leaders in community development with extensive implementation experience, is dedicated to strengthening communities and organizations through tailored training programs. We recognize that organizations, regardless of their stage of development, can benefit from our training expertise to enhance their work.

Our Comprehensive Training Approach:

With on-the-ground experience working directly with organizations and residents across the nation, we offer a holistic training package that encompasses program design, training delivery, assessment, and follow-up. Additionally, we provide technical assistance services to support organizations in areas such as financial management, compliance, sub-recipient management, and meeting cross-cutting requirements.

Creating a High-Quality Training Program:

  • Evaluate Training Skills and Identify Needs: We begin by evaluating the existing training skills within an organization and identifying specific training needs.

  • Assess Capacity: Our team assesses the capacity of the organization to determine the most effective training approach.

  • Plan and Design Training Program and Implementation Strategy: We work collaboratively to plan and design a training program that aligns with organizational goals and objectives. This includes crafting a detailed implementation strategy.

  • Establish Standardized Tools and Templates: We provide standardized tools and templates to manage program activity efficiently.

  • Create and Distribute Communications: Effective communication is crucial for the success of any training program. We assist in creating and distributing launch planning and marketing materials.

Empower Your Learners with Customized Training Programs:

Our training programs are thoughtfully designed to equip learners with the essential tools needed to excel. We offer both Online Classrooms and Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT) in various program areas, including:

  • Financial Management and Accounting Systems
  • Community Planning and Engagement
  • Board Visioning and Development
  • Disaster Management
  • Federal Programs and Crosscutting Requirements

Assessment and Follow-up:

We understand the importance of evaluating program effectiveness and ensuring ongoing success. Our evaluation and follow-up services include:

  • Program Evaluations: Identifying areas for improvement through surveys, evaluations, and participant feedback.

  • Training Reports: Generating comprehensive training reports, protocols, and templates.

  • Dashboard Reports: Establishing dashboard reports to track participant progress and completion.

Technical Assistance:

Our commitment to your success extends to the successful and compliant implementation of Federal programs. We offer comprehensive technical assistance services, which include:

  • Financial Management and Activity Delivery Costs: Providing technical advice and guidance in these critical areas.

  • Compliance and Monitoring: Ensuring compliance and monitoring of crosscutting requirements.

  • Team Meetings: Participating in team meetings with program partners to provide regulatory guidance and technical assistance.

  • Recommendations for Quality and Process Improvements: Offering valuable recommendations to enhance quality and streamline processes.

C-FACTS Training Solutions is your trusted partner in building the knowledge and capacity needed to create thriving communities and organizations. Let us help you unlock your full potential through our tailored training programs and expert guidance.


"Corporate F.A.C.T.S. is probably the only firm I know that can provide highly technical and accurate non-profit accounting and real estate finance service, while also providing thoughtful and engaging strategic planning services."
— Anika Goss-Foster Executive Director, Detroit Future Cities




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