Consulting and Strategic Planning

Corporate FACTS places a strong emphasis on a collaborative and stakeholder-driven strategic planning process to ensure that your organization's vision becomes a reality. Our approach incorporates a well-established Theory of Change framework, which guides organizations in designing strategies and evaluating outcomes effectively. Here's an overview of our strategic planning process:

1. Defining the Vision and Impact:

  • We work closely with key stakeholders to define the organization's vision and intended impact. What are the goals that the organization aims to achieve, and what positive changes does it seek to make in its community or field?

2. Strategy Development:

  • Our team helps organizations identify the strategies required to fulfill their mission and achieve their desired impact. What specific actions will be taken to bring about the intended change?

3. Capacity Assessment:

  • We assess the organization's current capacity and resources, both human and financial, to execute the chosen strategies effectively and efficiently. What skills, expertise, and resources are needed to implement the strategies successfully?

4. Financial Planning and Funding Strategy:

  • We assist organizations in developing a financial plan that outlines the costs associated with strategy implementation. This includes identifying potential funding sources and crafting a sustainable funding strategy. What will it cost to execute the strategies, and how will those costs be covered? What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?

5. Community and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • We encourage high levels of community and stakeholder engagement throughout the strategic planning process. Involving a diverse group of voices ensures that the strategies are aligned with community needs and priorities. This collaborative spirit fosters ownership and commitment to the plan.

6. Data-Driven Decision-Making:

  • Our plans are built on a foundation of solid data, information, and knowledge. We help organizations gather and analyze data to inform their decision-making process, ensuring that strategies are evidence-based and well-informed.

7. Final Deliverables:

  • At the conclusion of the strategic planning process, we provide organizations with a comprehensive strategic document. This document summarizes the results of the planning process, outlines the strategies to be pursued, and sets forth a clear and actionable path for the future.

Corporate FACTS is dedicated to supporting organizations in developing strategic plans that are not only visionary but also actionable. We believe that a well-constructed strategic plan, developed in collaboration with stakeholders, is a powerful tool for guiding an organization toward its desired impact and success.

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