Consulting and Strategic Planning

Expert Community Development Services by C-FACTS

C-FACTS takes pride in its team of highly esteemed community development professionals who are dedicated to delivering quality, results-driven technical assistance and capacity-building services across the nation. With decades of experience, our subject matter experts have honed their expertise in designing and executing tangible strategies and business plans, conducting comprehensive environmental scans, assessing program designs, and evaluating the impact of investments. Our diverse clientele includes nonprofit organizations, foundations, government agencies, and financial intermediaries, all of whom have benefited from our transformative neighborhood strategies and capacity-building efforts.

Our Approach:

We prioritize a meticulously designed planning process that engages stakeholders and fosters consensus on vision and priorities. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities, we ensure that the path forward is well-defined and understood. Our extensive experience in developing strategic plans, business plans, and capacity-building initiatives has taught us the crucial connection between vision and actionable plans with measurable outcomes. Our team employs a systematic process to transform multifaceted ideas and priorities into concrete action plans. We start by identifying the outcomes or desired changes the organization seeks to achieve and then determine the activities or strategies that will lead to these identified outcomes.

Real Estate Development and Revitalization:

C-FACTS has been at the forefront of community revitalization through real estate development. We have collaborated with financial institutions, intermediaries, foundations, and community development centers to address the growing need for affordable housing in both urban and rural neighborhoods. Our pioneering service delivery system and financial tools provide a comprehensive solution to combat vacant and blighted properties, breathing new life into communities.

Our Services:

  1. Strategic Planning: We offer strategic planning services tailored to foundations, government entities, financial intermediaries, and nonprofit organizations, helping them define clear objectives and chart the path to success.

  2. Revitalization Strategies: Our expertise extends to crafting revitalization strategies for communities and cities, whether they are urban or rural, enabling them to thrive and grow.

  3. Business, Organizational, Project, and Investment Planning: We assist clients in developing concrete plans for their businesses, organizations, projects, and investments, aligning them with their goals and visions.

  4. Real Estate Development and Project Financing: C-FACTS specializes in real estate development and offers comprehensive solutions for project financing.

  5. Investment Strategies: We provide guidance on investment strategies, particularly in the realms of affordable housing and economic development.

  6. Capacity Building: We offer capacity-building services to empower organizations to successfully execute their plans.

  7. Technical Assistance: Our technical assistance services encompass disaster recovery planning, program design, and implementation.

  8. Community Engagement: We engage communities and focus on resident capacity building to ensure that their voices are heard and their skills are enhanced.

  9. Timeliness and Closeouts: We are committed to ensuring that projects are executed on time and closed out efficiently.

  10. Consolidated and Action Planning: Our team excels in creating consolidated and action plans that drive meaningful change.

  11. Workforce Development and Section 3: We provide workforce development solutions and guidance on Section 3 compliance.

C-FACTS is dedicated to making a lasting impact on communities by fostering development, revitalization, and sustainability. We look forward to partnering with you to create thriving and vibrant neighborhoods across the nation.


"We deeply appreciated C-FACTS ability to engage the diverse stakeholders of our community. The team was able to take complicated program dynamics and make them accessible and understandable to a broad range of audiences."
— Roxanne Young Kimball