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Improving Memphis' HUD Programs and Compliance

The collaboration between the City of Memphis and the C-FACTS team demonstrates our commitment to improving HUD programs and compliance. Here's a summary of our successful engagement:

Challenges Addressed: The City of Memphis faced significant challenges related to auditing and compliance in their HUD programs. These challenges required specialized expertise and support to resolve effectively.

Expertise and Training: The C-FACTS team stepped in to provide the necessary training and guidance. We conducted training sessions that focused on critical areas such as timekeeping requirements and CPD Notice 13-07. These sessions clarified distinctions between Administration and Activity Delivery Costs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among City staff.

Technology Implementation: To enhance efficiency and accuracy, our team assisted in the establishment of a cloud-based timekeeping system. This modern system streamlined timekeeping processes and facilitated compliance.

Policy and Procedure Updates: Our experts worked alongside the City to update their policies and procedures manual. This ensured that all processes aligned with HUD regulations and compliance requirements.

Comprehensive Compliance and Monitoring: One of the significant achievements of our engagement was the implementation of a comprehensive compliance and monitoring system. This system included staff training on monitoring protocols, on-site visits to monitor activities, and thorough follow-up procedures.

Successful Resolution: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the City of Memphis and the C-FACTS team, all monitoring findings were successfully resolved. The City implemented a compliant timekeeping system and adopted risk-based monitoring practices.

Financial Reconciliation: In a remarkable achievement, our team assisted the City in reconciling internal accounting records with IDIS balances. This reconciliation effort resolved variances dating back over 20 years, totaling millions of dollars. This achievement not only ensured financial accuracy but also demonstrated the dedication of the City and our team to achieving compliance and accountability.

HUD Distressed Cities Technical Assistance Financial Management Toolkit

As part of our commitment to improving financial management, we provided the Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) program with a comprehensive financial management toolkit. This toolkit serves as a valuable resource for recipient units of general local government (UGLGs) participating in the program, addressing common financial management topics and offering training materials, slides, and customizable templates.

Corporate FACTS is dedicated to helping organizations and government entities overcome challenges and achieve excellence in financial management and compliance. Our successful engagement with the City of Memphis is a testament to our expertise and commitment to making a positive impact on HUD programs and communities.

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